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Can Learner drivers join?

The GoGet learner program is for friends and family of existing GoGet members.

  • The existing member must be 25yrs+ on either a GoFrequent or GoOccasional plan.

  • Learners are only allowed to drive with other additional drivers on the GoGet account as passengers.

How much does it cost?

There’s a $25 fee for adding an extra driver to your account. On bookings, learner drivers are subject to a $2/h surcharge, capped at $18/d (rate changing to $1.90/h, capped at $19.90/d from 2 May 2022). In the event of an accident or damage, the damage cover liability is $4000, with no option to reduce. As always if the cost of repair is lower, or the driver is deemed not at fault, the difference will be refunded.

🖊 Check out our article on Damage Cover to see the insurance fees for learner drivers.

Which cars can learners drive?

GoGet learners can drive any of GoGet's small hatchbacks.

Joining GoGet as a Learner Driver

Step 1

Ask an existing GoGet account holder who is 25+ yrs old and lives with you to add you as an extra driver. Send them this link:


Step 2

Click "apply now" from their email

Step 3

Complete the application. You'll need:

  • Your driving license at hand

  • Your selfie-face ready for a couple of snaps with your license

Step 4

If you elected for post, wait a few days for your smartcard card.

If you chose to pick up, then visit a Pick-Up Location to collect a smartcard from a retailer close to you. Then log in here to activate your new card.

Step 5 - Good to go!

If you haven't received your confirmation email, just get in touch to tell us that you're in a hurry, and we'll get you activated in minutes.

Once your application has been approved and you have your smartcard in hand, you're good to go! 😎

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