Why have you put your rates up?

Increasing our prices is not something we do lightly but unfortunately the scale of the increased costs of running our service has made it impossible to do otherwise, even with the temporary fuel relief measures recently annouced. We’ve done our best to lessen the impact of these increases by keeping hold of our vehicles for longer, and purchasing fuel efficient vehicle where able and this update will enable us to continue to grow our network and improve the service for our members.

Some of the most significant cost pressures we face include;

· Increasing fuel prices, from $1.36/l to $2.10/l currently

· New and used vehicle prices at an all-time high

· Increases to the labour costs of repair and the cost of parts

· General inflation and wage growth

When will this take effect?

On the 2nd of May 2022. All bookings that are invoiced on or after the 2nd of May will be charged at the new rates.

Why have you reduced the number of free kilometres included in a day trip?

We have reduced the free kilometres down from 150km per day to 120km per day to ensure we can keep the usage rates as low as we can and to save members taking shorter trips from subsidising those taking longer journeys.

What if I want to close my membership because of this?

We’re sorry to see you go. To close your account, please visit the Account section of your app or the website where you will be able exit the service or change your plan. We have a range of other plans which may better suit your needs which can be found here.

What if I have already made a booking for after May 2nd?

All bookings which take place on or after May 2nd will be charged at the new rates. If you have made a pre-payment, you will be charged the additional costs at the end of your trip when you are charged for additional kms or other fees. If you would like to modify or cancel your booking, this can be done with no charge via our app. All bookings are fully refundable if cancelled before the booking start time.

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