Using your smartcard to tap on and off is necessary for all GoGet trips.

A member uses their smartcard to tap on to their booked GoGet car.

Tapping off: During your booking, it's your responsibility to lock and secure your car by tapping your smartcard on the card reader. You'll know if you're tapped off if the car is locked.

Tip: Always tap off at the end of your booking! It lets us know that you're finished using the car - that way, you can avoid getting an erroneous late return fine or trip charges longer than the booking.

Tapping on: To Unlock and access your car, tap your smartcard on the card reader on the car's windscreen. You'll know if you're tapped on if the car is unlocked.

Tip: Always tap on at the start of your booking! The previous driver may have forgotten to tap off. Forgetting to means that fines, credits or payments may go to the wrong members.

P.S.: Leaving a car unlocked is illegal in some states.

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