To return your GoGet car, park it back in its pod and tap off with your smartcard. Returning the car late will incur a $25 fine plus any additional time taken.

It's important to return your booked car on time, as returning it late could impact the next member who booked the vehicle after you.

If you return a car late, you'll be charged a fine as well as the extra time you used the car:

  • $25 fine for any late returns

  • Bookings are made in 30 minute intervals, so your booking will be rounded up to the latest half hour.

For example: Sarah booked her car from for 2 hours 6 - 8pm, but returned it at 8.10pm. Sarah will be charged for 2 and a half hours, plus the $25 fine on top.

When returning your car, remember to:

  1. Check that there's at least 1/4 a tank of fuel left ⛽

  2. Return the car to it's correct location, the app will have the best instructions 🅿️

  3. Everything's been turned off 💡

  4. Leave the keys inside the car, and tap off (if you've tapped off, the car is locked)🏷️🔐

  5. Take all your belongings and rubbish with 🚮

As a community, we need to right by our fellow carshare members. Turning up to a car's pod with no car to be seen, or unexpectedly needing to travel to a different car is frustrating and takes up their time.

How to return your car on time:

  • Turn on your app notifications, we'll send you reminders about your booking end time, or if someone booked the car right after you

  • Extend your booking within the app if you're running late

  • Include enough time in your booking to allow for traffic and refuelling the car

  • Always tap off at the end of your trip - that way, the system knows you're finished

Check out our schedule of fees here.

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