Running out of time? The best way to extend your booking is to use the GoGet App, available on iPhone and Android. You can extend your booking, even after the booking has ended.

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Extending a booking

On the app

  • Find your booking

  • Click on "Manage Booking"

  • Tap "Extend" on your current booking, and choose the amount of time you need to extend by.

On the computer

  • Find your booking in light blue on the Booking Calendar.

  • Click on the booking in light blue

  • on the next screen, click on "Extend booking by" and choose how long you want to extend the booking.

Bring your booking forward

Next time you’re watching the clock, don’t stress! It’s super easy to extend your booking, both to bring your start date forward and your return date back.

  • If you’re ever sitting around waiting for your booking to start, you can simply manage the booking and make the start time earlier.

Extending a booking after it's finished

Has your booking ended, but you still need more time?

  • You can extend the booking (by clicking "manage booking" within 20 minutes after it's ended.

🤔❓ What if I can't extend my booking?

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