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I just need a car or van as a one-off

GoGet is a membership-based system, which means that there’s annual or monthly membership fees on top of usage fees depending on the plan you pick. If you need access to a car one-off, you'll need to consider this. We do have a Van Plan without any membership fees and you only pay for what you use.

GoGet membership gives you access to cars when you need them - as often or infrequent as that may be. It might be a once-off now, but you are likely to have more "one-offs" in future, and that's where your membership will come in handy.

If you're weighing up GoGet against traditional car rental for a one-off situation, consider:

  • You can book a GoGet car for less than one day, for as little as an hour, which may save money compared to a full day rental.

  • We pay for petrol: You may not even need to fill up if the tank is over 1/4 full at the end of your booking.

  • Our insurance/damage liability costs are much more reasonable than most car rental companies.

I need a car occasionally

The GoOccasional Plan offers our mid-range rates for a lower usage fee, and is perfect for someone who needs a car every so often.

I need a car at least once a week

The GoFrequent Plan offers our lowest rates for the most frequent users. It could be the best plan for you if you want to carshare instead of owning a car.

I need a car for a few weeks

GoGet is a great option for when you’re temporarily between cars and need a stop-gap solution to getting around.

GoGet is most cost-effective when you only book for the hours or days you actually need it. Booking out a GoGet for multiple weeks or months is very expensive. If you’re without your own car for a while, get to know your local GoGet car, and just book it when you need to drive.

You might even find, like thousands of our members, that you don’t need to own a car at all with GoGet around!

Check out our plans and rates here to find the right plan for you. We've got plan options depending on how often you need a car, discounts for seniors and students and accessible vehicles too.

Do you have plans for Seniors?

Seniors Card holders or people over the age of 60 are eligible to join our GoSenior Plan. It has our lowest rates, equivalent to our GoFrequent, but without joining or ongoing membership fees.

To apply, click here.

Do you have plans for Students?

Students get a great deal with GoGet.

Our GoStudent Plan costs $35 per year with great rates for using cars.

To be eligible for the GoStudent Plan, you must:

  • Be currently enrolled at an Australian university, TAFE or private college

  • Have a full-time study load (3 or 4 subjects or equivalent)

  • Use your student email address to apply (or provide a student ID)

Learn more and apply at

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