Hiace vans still use the old pullout handbrake which some find difficult to disengage, especially if the previous driver has pulled too hard!


Follow these steps and you'll be able to release the brake and get on with your booking:

The handbrake is located beneath the gear selector

To Disengage

  • Make sure the handle is right way up (writing correct way up)

  • Grip the handle with your left hand

  • Feel for the button resting under your pointer finger

  • Squeeze the button and then turn the handle in a counter-clockwise direction

  • There will be a 'pop' and the handle should release and be pulled towards the floor

  • Once the handle has travelled as far is it can towards the floor release the handle and it should return to a horizontal position

To Engage

  • Grip the handle and pull towards your body (without twisting the handle or pushing the button)

  • Stop pulling when the handle begins to resist the movement

See the video below to see it in action:

How to release the handbrake



The gearstick is pretty standard for most cars these days but in case you're unfamiliar, here are what all the numbers and letters mean:

P Park
R Reverse
N Neutral

D-3 Drive is selected by moving▼from N - 3rd is light braking and selected by moving the gear selector ► from D

2 moderate engine braking
L Heavy engine braking

If you notice the car sounds like it's over-revving, you may have the gear in 3rd and not drive. Just change back and you'll be back to normal.

Check out this video to see it in action

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