The Outlander has a push start, so there's no physical key to turn. Once you get in the car and are ready to start it up, just push in the brake pedal and press the ignition button. You'll find the button to the left of the steering wheel.

Getting the car in gear is easy once you know how. The gear stick is electronic, so it will go back to its original spot when you shift. Just move it toward you then toward the back of the car to put it in drive, or toward the front of the car to put it in reverse. To put the car in park, press the 'P' button in front of the gear stick.


The park brake works just like a physical handbrake - except that it's an electronic switch!

When the red light is on, the brake is engaged. Push the trigger down to disengage the brake, and pull it upwards to engage it again.

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