GoGet always pays for petrol, but we rely on you to fill up.

How to refuel

(a) When using a Vehicle, you must:
(i) ensure that, at the end of your booking, there is a minimum of a quarter of a tank of fuel in the Vehicle; and
(ii) refuel the Vehicle with the correct fuel, as advised in the Co-Pilot or booking confirmation email.

WEX Motorpass

Our fuel card is called WEX Motorpass and is accepted at almost every petrol station. It’s a single card that can be used in lots of different petrol retailers and has the name of the car and the allowed fuel grade written on it.


The fuel pin for the card is written in a few places, so it's always easy to find

  • Booking Confirmation email

  • Booking Confirmation SMS

  • In the GoGet App

Every car has fuel cards, which you use to pay on our account. If your car has below ¼ tank of petrol during your booking, you need to refuel it. The fuel pin is provided in your confirmation email and iPhone/Android app. If you don’t have access to it the time of refuelling, please call us on 1300 769 389, and we can provide it to you.

If you are unable to find a fuel card in the vehicle, please call GoGet as soon as possible so we can organise a replacement.


If you need to pay for petrol with your own money, take a photo of the receipt and this form to get reimbursed.

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