Sometimes members are forced to park the car out of the pod, for instance if there is an obstruction or another car parked in the pod when they returned it.

In these situations, we'll do our best to notify you before you arrive at the vehicle, but in some cases, we don't get this information in time.

Here are a few things to try first:

Check your Booking Confirmation email. If you only just made your booking, your email will have instructions on where to find the car, if we know its current location.

Have a look around. The car may not be in its pod, but it may just be around the corner somewhere nearby.

Make sure your booking went through. A common reason for a car not being there is that your booking wasn’t confirmed, and somebody else made a booking and took the car. Check the booking system, m-site or iPhone and Android app to see if your booking is listed as active.

Wait a few minutes. The previous member might be running a little late. They could be just coming up soon.

Give us a call. We can locate the car using GPS, sound the car’s horn to see if you can hear it, and tell if you if the member is running late. If required, we can move you to another car.

Book another car. If another suitable vehicle is available, book that instead. When you get a chance, email us to tell us what happened, and we’ll make sure you’re refunded for the unused booking.

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