It’s always best to book enough time for your trip to begin with, but if you encounter anything unexpected or it takes longer than you thought, you may be able to extend your booking.

Simply click "manage booking" to extend your booking. You can do this up to 20 minutes after the booking has ended.

For info on extending a booking on the app or computer, click here.


If you can successfully extend your booking, even after your booking has ended, you won’t be charged for being late.

If you don’t extend your booking and return late, you will be fined for being late, and the extra time you had the car will be added to your bill at the hourly rate on your plan.

Grace Period

We allow up to 5 minutes before your booking starts, and 5 minutes after your booking ends, without incurring fines or extra time booked. Even if a car is 5 minutes late, it can inconvenience other members, so please avoid relying on this.

Starting your booking Early

You can change your booking to start earlier as long as your booking has not begun yet. Simply change your booking and make the start time earlier.

Half Hour Extensions

If you have a current booking, you can extend it for half an hour.

However, there is a limitation that means bookings on their own have to be for at least 1 hour. That means that if your booking has already ended, and you need to make a separate consecutive booking, you need to extend for at least one full hour. This applies to backwards extensions too.

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