All GoGet trips are return journeys. When you’ve finished your booking, return the car to its pod and swipe off. The car may be used by someone directly after you, so please clean up to ensure they will have a pleasant journey.

Keeping the car clean:

  • Take any belongings with you

  • Collect any parking tickets or receipts

  • Pick up rubbish like coffee cups or food wrappers

  • Sweep up dirt that may have spilt from plants or dirty shoes

  • Wipe off any liquid spills

  • Call us if the car needs a special clean after you’ve used it, and we’ll make sure it’s cleaned before someone else needs to use it

Leaving a car in a dirty state can attract a heavy penalty, so please make an effort and tell us if you need help!

Other things to remember when returning the car:

💡 Check that all the lights are off

🔑 Remove the key from the ignition (and leave it on the string)

🪟 Ensure all doors, windows, sunroofs, etc. are securely closed

💳 Lock the car using your smartcard

📍 If the car wasn't in its pod when you picked it up, please return it to its original pod

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