Need to book a car? The best way to do this is by using the GoGet App, available on iPhone and Android.

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Creating a booking

On the App

Type in the location you're looking to book in. Then, select the car you want to book.

Press 'filter' if you need a specific car or feature.

Select the times you want to pick up and drop off the car.

If it's cheaper for your booking to be on the day rate instead of an hourly rate, the system will automatically convert it to the day rate.

Tip: It's always best to give yourself plenty of time on your trip and return and park the car, including refuelling the car if you need to. If you're late returning your car and don't extend your booking, you will be fined.

Remember: All GoGet trips are return trips. You must have returned the car to its pod before the booking ends.

On Desktop:

The first thing you'll see when logging onto booking calendar is the 'Day View'. This is a grid of the cars near you, and the time slots they are available for the rest of the day.

The easiest way to make a booking is to:

  • select your desired car (on the left-hand side)

  • Click the block for when you want your booking to start (horizontally across from the car name).

  • the next screen will confirm your car, location, start and end times. The default is for 2 hours, to change the end time, click the time and select a new time.

  • To make a day booking or multi-day booking, click the calendar icon under Booking End and choose another day. A day rate includes 24 hours, so can be up to the same time the following day.

  • Click Continue to review your booking. If you're ready to make your booking, click the orange Confirm✓ button.

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