The first thing you see when you log in to the desktop Booking System is the "Day View". This is a grid of the cars near you, and the time slots they are available for the rest of the day.

The quick and easy way to make a booking is to select your desired car (down the left-hand side), and click the block for when you want your booking to start (horizontally across from the car name).

On the following screen, you can set your booking end time, that is when you will be returning the car. You can also change the start time if you didn't click the right block.

Booking another day

The Day View by default shows the current day. To make a booking for tomorrow, the coming weekend, or even weeks or months in advance, you can change the day it shows.

If it's just tomorrow or the next day you want to see, click Next Day⇉.

To choose a specific date in the future, click the Calendar icon in the middle and choose your desired date.

To make a booking that spans many days, first, choose the day the booking starts, and set the end day in the second screen. You can make a booking for as long as you'd like.

What do the colours mean?

If you're not able to choose your desired car at the time you need it, it may be because it's not available. The car is only available to book if the blocks are shown green.

Grey means the car is booked by someone else, or because the time is in the past.

Blue means you have already booked the car for that time period. Click on any of those blue blocks to delete or change your booking.

Dark blue means someone else on your account has booked the car - that could be your partner, colleague or family member, depending on who you share your account with. If you really need the car, go talk to them!

Changing and Cancelling Bookings

To see how to make, change and cancel bookings on the app, click here. For on the desktop, click here.

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