If the card reader flashes red and makes a rapid “beep beep beep beep beep beep” sound when you use your smartcard, it means something is wrong.

Check your booking. Your booking may not have been confirmed. If you don’t have a booking, the car won’t let you in.

Check you’re at the right car. Check your Booking Confirmation email, and check the car name and licence plate against the car you’re trying to get in to.

The car might have a problem. If the battery is flat, or the car can’t communicate with the network, it won’t let you in. In this case, you can call us to diagnose the issue, or if you’re in a hurry, book another car nearby. Email us later to tell us what happened, and we’ll fix up your account to ensure you're not double billed

Only just made the booking. If you have only made the booking within 5-10 minutes of arriving at the vehicle, your details may not have made it to the car yet. Wait 60 seconds, try again and the vehicle should let you in.

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