If you need a special kind of car, like an SUV or a car with roof racks, it might not be one of the closest cars near you that come up on the Day View.

To only show cars that meet your needs, you can refine your search, or use the more advanced Car Search function.

Refining your search

The quickest way to find a special car is to use the Refine Your Search drop down.

BMW Convertible Corolla Hybrid Medium Hatch Mercedes PeopleMover Prius Small Hatch SUV Ute Van 4x4 Plug in Hybrid Sedan (Camry)

The Car Type drop down lets you choose different car types. If you choose SUV, only vehicles like the RAV4 will show in the Day View. If you choose Fancy, only Audi A1s near you will be be shown. Here you can choose vans, utes, SUVs, people movers, etc. and only that type of vehicle will be shown.

You can tick as many features as you like, and any cars which fit that vehicle type or feature will be shown.

For example: , select both Super Fancy and Fancy to show all Audi A1s and A3s near you.

You can also search for cars with certain features. For example, if you want a reverse camera so you can do amazing reverse parks on King Street, click the Special Features drop down and choose Reverse Camera. Or, if you're going on a long trip and need help sticking to the speed limit on wide open roads, choose Cruise Control.

Car Type and Special Features can be combined, to show only vans with reverse cameras, Corollas with roof racks, or utes that are pet friendly.

Results are listed as usual, with the closest car shown first, and the rest in order of distance from your listed address.

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