The Online Booking System is the way most people book cars and manage their bookings. It can be used on any web browser but is designed for desktops and tablets. For your smartphone, it's best to use the free iPhone or Android app (click here to see how to manage bookings on the app).

The desktop Booking System is available at Make a bookmark so you can get to it easily in the future.

When you first go to the Booking System, you will need to log in. Log in using the 8 digit member number you chose when you joined, and your 8 digit access code. Many people use their phone number with the first or final 2 digits taken off as their member number.

After you log in, you will be shown the cars and locations closest to you. To quickly make a booking, simply click on the section under the time you wish your booking to start. You don't need to be precise, you can change your start and end time on the next screen.

After you've clicked the time slot, the next screen will confirm your car, location, start and end times. The default is for 2 hours, to change the end time, click the time and select a new time.

To make a day booking or multi-day booking, click the calendar icon under Booking End and choose another day. A day rate includes 24 hours, so can be up to the same time the following day.

Click Continue to review your booking. If you're ready to make your booking, click the orange Confirm✓ button.

Tip: It's always best to give yourself plenty of time to make your trip, return and park the car, including refuelling the car if you need to. However, if you need more time than you first gave yourself, you may be able to extend your return time during your booking. This depends on whether there is another member booked in after you.

If you are late returning your car and don't extend your booking, you will be fined.

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