Because GoGet is all about sharing cars, there are a few basic rules that members need to follow. When everyone drives with these rules in mind, your driving experience will be safe, comfortable, and fun!

Inspect for damage

Before starting your booking, please do a quick check for damage. If you find any damage, use the Vehicle Damage Check form to see if it has already been reported, and use the app or call us to report anything not listed.

You may be held liable for damage you don’t report

Leave ¼ tank of fuel

Petrol is on us, so please use the fuel card to fill up if you’re running low. The card can be found on the retractable cord next to the car key, and the PIN is in your booking confirmation email and the GoGet App.

Fines apply for leaving a car with less than ¼ of a tank

Carry your card

Make sure to keep your smartcard on you at all times, and keep in mind our cars lock themselves after 10 minutes of inactivity. If you’re outside and your card gets locked in, call us for help. If you’re inside and the alarm goes off, swipe your card over the card reader and try again.

If you lock your card inside, we can always help you

Keep it clean

Please tidy up at the end of your booking. Take any rubbish with you, brush off any dirt or mess from the seats and car boot, and ensure you have all your belongings. If the car needs a proper clean, let us know and we’ll organise a cleaner. All our cars are smoke-free.

Fines apply for smoking in a GoGet car, or leaving a car extremely dirty

Return on time

If you think you’re going to be late, you can extend your booking online, using the GoGet App, or by calling 1300 769 389. Refer to your booking confirmation email if you can’t park in the pod.

Fines apply for late returns and, so keep to your booking time

Turn everything off

Before getting out of the car, ensure the key is out of the ignition, all the lights are off and the doors and windows are closed, then lock the car by swiping your smartcard.

Call-outs for flat batteries caused by left on lights will incur fees

Fuel for thought

We always pay for fuel, but we need your help filling the cars up. During your booking, check that you’ll have at least ¼ of a tank before the end of your trip, and stop by a petrol station if you need to fill up.

Don’t leave the next member short. Even if you have a short booking, or if you picked up the car with little petrol, if the tank is below ¼ please fill up. If the next member is inconvenienced, you may receive a fine.

Each car has a fuel card which can be used at most petrol stations in Australia. Check the fuel cardholder to ensure you’re using the right fuel and your booking confirmation email or App for the fuel card PIN. For your closest fuel station, search online.

What if the previous member didn’t fill up, and you start your trip with an empty tank?

Park and Go!

Most GoGet cars live in “pods” - marked parking spots provided by our council or developer partners. Some cars live in a general street location and don’t have a dedicated pod. Everything you need to know about your car’s location is in your booking confirmation email.

Another vehicle is parked in my pod

Different councils have different procedures on what to do if you can’t park in your pod. Please check your booking confirmation email to see if you have a parking permit and can park nearby, or if you need to report to council. The permit is usually stuck on the windscreen.

See more information here.

Parking permits

Most cars have a parking permit for the surrounding parking zone, so compare the permit’s zone with parking signs to see where you can park legally.

If there’s no permit, please find somewhere legal and untimed nearby. Be aware of timed clearway and loading zone spots, as the car may not be moved before the restriction applies.

Tell us if you can’t park in the pod

So we can tell the next member where to look, always tell us if you can’t park in the pod. You can chat us on the app or website, text 0427 777 769 with the car’s name, number plate and new location, or call 1300 769 389 and leave a voicemail.

If the offending vehicle is a normal car or another GoGet car, please also include their number plate so we can chase them down or report them to council.

Parking passes

If your car is in a building or car park, it may need a parking pass to get in and out. Your pass should be on a retractable cord near the car key, in the driver’s door pocket or the centre console. If you can’t find it anywhere, please give us a call. Never take a standard parking ticket, or remove a parking pass from a car.

Parking infringements

Parking tickets must be paid by the driver responsible by the due date. If they become overdue and posted to GoGet, we will allocate it to the driver responsible and add a $25 admin fee.

Please always pay attention to relevant parking instructions and restrictions. Drivers who park illegally, in a restricted area, against the flow of traffic or in an offending direction are responsible for the parking ticket, even if it is issued after the booking ends.

Keep calm & carry on

What do I do if I have an accident or damage occurs during my booking?

Call 000 if anybody is hurt, you suspect drugs or alcohol are involved or the other party refuses/fails to exchange details

Call GoGet on 1300 769 389, we’re available 24/7 for emergencies. If the car is drivable, you can leave a voicemail message with your full name, Mobile Number, the car’s rego and a brief message

Take down all the relevant information like the registration numbers of any of the other vehicles involved as well as driver details like full name, phone number, address, licence details and the date of birth from the other driver/s and their vehicle’s registration, and the details of any independent witnesses and photographs of the incident. Please forward these to

If the police have been called, ensure you take down the police report number and the name of the officer who has attended.

If you are the victim of a hit and run accident, please get a police report

What if I have a breakdown?

Call us on 1300 769 389 if you have mechanical problems, a flat tyre or drained battery. We will either send our fleet crew or roadside assistance to help you out. You are required to stay by the car until the situation is resolved.

A call-out fee may be charged.

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