All members should know to fill up once the tank gets below ¼ full, but rarely, this isn't done.

If you get into a car and it has less than ¼ tank, please:

  1. Take a photo of the fuel gauge before driving off.

  2. Completely fill up the car's petrol tank within the first 10 kilometres of travel. Use the fuel card attached to the car key and ask for a receipt.

  3. After your booking, send a picture of the itemised fuel receipt to, noting that it was less than 1/4 tank so we can educate the previous member. You'll receive a $25 credit at the expense of the previous member if you complete all required steps and if we are able to confirm the car was left with less than 1/4 tank of fuel.

If the car is so low on fuel that you won’t make it to a petrol station, please get in touch so that we can sort out a vehicle for you ASAP.

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