⚠️ Note: From the 1st of September 2021, this info will become obsolete as we'll have changed the way we charge. For up to date info, check out the Real-Time Billing FAQ's.


Members who are on our Pay&Go platform will pay for the estimated cost when you confirm your booking plus any damage cover option that you've chosen.

Any extensions that you make during your booking will also be charged at the time.

We'll then send you a monthly invoice early in the following month with all other charges that we couldn't work out at the time, such as

  • Km's

  • tolls

  • any other membership fees, credits or charges.

If you'd like examples of how these costs are calculated, click here.

Post Paid billing (Large businesses)

Post Paid billing means we will send you an invoice for your month’s usage early in the following month and charge your credit card 10-14 days after this.

This payment method is only available for large businesses.

Trips taken in April are invoiced in early May, and the owed amount is charged in late May.

Example of clearly stated charge dates on invoices

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