Put all feelings of frustration aside for the moment, and find somewhere else to park. The car can be returned out of its pod with no trouble.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Return the car to the pod

  2. Let us know where you left the car

1. Return the car to the pod (or as close as you can)

Check the pod info in your booking on the app, or your booking confirmation email. All the information you need is in the booking’s pod info. It'll tell you what to do if you can't return the car to its pod.

  • For example, it'll tell you if the car has a residential parking permit, or if you need to find unrestricted, legal parking. Some Councils require you to report the offending car.

Example of Pod Info in the App

  • If your car has a permit, it’s stuck to the windscreen. Compare the parking zone with the zone on nearby parking signs.

2. Let us know where you left the car

Let us know where the car is. Simply reach out on chat with the name and new location of the car, as well as a photo of the offending vehicle so that we can report them to parking authorities.

We’ll let the next member know where to find the car.

That’s it! By the time the next member uses it, its spot should be available, and it can be brought back to its pod.

Key points:

  • You're still liable for parking fines incurred from illegal parking. Following the instructions in the booking's pod info, and paying attention to parking signs, will prevent this.

  • If you don’t tell us where the car is parked, the next member may be inconvenienced, and you may get a $25 fine.

  • If you come back later and the offending car has gone, you may want to move the car back. If you do, get in touch on chat or call so we can notify the system not to charge you for the time spent moving the car. We don’t want to charge you for doing the right thing! We just need to know that you moved it.

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