GoGet is a membership-based system, which means that there’s annual or monthly membership fees on top of usage fees depending on the plan you pick. If you need access to a car one-off, you'll need to consider this. We do have a Van Plan without any membership fees and you only pay for what you use.

GoGet membership gives you access to cars when you need them - as often or infrequent as that may be. It might be a once-off now, but you are likely to have more "one-offs" in future, and that's where your membership will come in handy.

If you're weighing up GoGet against traditional car rental for one-off usage, consider:

  • You can book a GoGet car for less than one day, for as little as an hour, which may save money compared to a full day rental.

  • We pay for petrol: You may not even need to fill up if the tank is over 1/4 full at the end of your booking.

  • Our insurance/damage liability costs are much more reasonable than most car rental companies.

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