The day rate is a flat rate that includes up to 24 hours and 150kms. It is applied automatically, so you never need to worry about choosing between the daily rate or the hourly rate to get the best price.

Usually, the day rate will be applied at the time of booking, based on the hours you have booked. However, other things can kick you over onto the day rate.

  • If you drive far enough, the system will work out that the distance charge would make it better off if you were on the day rate, and move you over

  • If you extend your booking for long enough, the system will make sure the hourly rate won’t put you over your day rate

The point at which the hourly rate goes into the day rate depends on your plan, and which car you’re driving. You can view the hourly and daily rates of different plans here.

Here's an example of a day rate being applied to a booking.

Important: For the day rate to be applied, bookings and any extensions must be consecutive. Separate multiple bookings throughout the day will not trigger the day rate to be applied.

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